What's Your Frequency?

How often do you do what and with how much intensity? 

Wanna talk about it?


It's the title of my next book. 

Sure, I have my experiences with "frequencies" such as doing something Every Single Day for 2,808 days. 

But what are your experiences with different frequencies? 


Energy is also different frequencies and vibration. 


When you're in the smooth state, you have found your rhythm.


We often say and someone puts off good vibes. Can we connect better to people with whom we have a similar vibration?


What tasks or activities should we undertake on a daily basis? 


Every 7 days. Amazing how it keeps coming back. What to do? 


I have a newsletter each 17th of every single month. It somehow comes around no matter what I do.

That's a Really Cozy Scene

It has nothing to do with this page. I just wanted to see if you're still reading. 

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